Intranet and extranet

An intranet is a network within a company allowing employees to improve communications and share data or operating systems.

For example, internal employee e-mail systems can improve management within a company by allowing for thought or proposal exchange, whilst providing a multi-user platform for internal training.

An extranet involves connected intranets between several companies and allows for easier and more efficient business processes. One great advantage is the implementation of extranet teleconferencing and videoconferencing, which can greatly improve business efficiency.

N3 creates effective, user-friendly and secure intranet or extranets, based on a thorough analysis of your organizational needs.

Business applications

Business Web applications involve a secure expansion of your business to the internet. They are designed to support diverse operations, simplification and optimization of your organization’s business processes.

Business Web applications that we can perform for your organization include customer relationship management (CRM), project management and documentation management (DMS).

Online catalogues

For your business we can produce an on-line store, which is great for many products, especially products or services that are simple to use and buy online .

We can also produce an online catalogue; a better solution for presenting more complex products, whilst being less expensive than producing a printed catalogue. This on-line catalogue can serve the basis for the creation of an on-line store.

Online store

The On-line store is a modern form of sales with many advantages over its "offline" version: It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has an unlimited number of "shelves" with products, allowing significantly more extensive information about products and customers to be displayed.

Yet costs to operate an on-line shop when compared to “regular” trading formats are very small. So for improved sales success, come to us for a complete website-building package!


A well-designed website is a powerful tool, but needs to be marketed effectively to achieve its full potential.

N3 specializes in high-quality, professional web design and e-commerce website design solutions that market your company online and provide outstanding results. Using the latest technology, our team will custom design and program your website to achieve your company’s aims and maximize its exposure to your clients through online search engines.

We also provide services that allow you to sell your products or services online, all at an affordable price. A combination of web design and search engine optimization ensures that your ecommerce website is found in the key search engines, bringing customers right to your business.

  • You'll receive new potential customers to your website daily.
  • Your online store will convert visitors into business.