Touch applications

Do you want potential customers to take the initiative to understand your products and services?

Try our touch applications for touch and our experience it that these tools will bring you more sales. Touch screens are increasingly common in retail and commercial displays and environments. Do you want people to contact you for more products and services? Do you want your customers to be enthusiastic learning about your products while having fun?
Whether in airports, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, or at live shows, making use of interactive touch screen display, attracts people’s attention. According to our statistics, a good interactive touch displays attract people’s attention 5 times more than a normal display does.
At N3 we offer a variety of interactive Touch Applications which can be very flexible. Try touch presentation for yourself to help achieve your goals. We excel at creating targeted websites, mobile applications, Facebook sites and the graphic design of corporate identity. We also create physical visual materials such as prints, advertisements, banners, billboards and much more. N3 enhances and maximizes your business potential through synergistic effects of improved sales and marketing strategies both online and off-line.