Facebook page creation

Facebook business page is a modern medium for promoting a business that offers efficient acces to clients and wide opportunities for bigger sale. With more than 700,000 Facebook users in Slovenia, it is not only a tool to inform potentional customers, but it works excellent as a source for two-way communication with them.

We make your facebook page so that it is aligned with the graphic image of the company and adapted to its activities. Page content can be upgraded with attractive applications, subpages, videoclips and other content.

Facebook applications creation

An interesting Facebook application, which through good user experience achieves high user-engagement and can dramatically improve your presence in social media. Facebook applications can be exploited for sweepstakes, surveys, quizzes, branded games and more.

An effective Facebook application for your company can quickly obtain a wide number and range of clients to whom you can market your services to.

Active management of facebook pages

If you are unable to dedicate the time to run Facebook pages for your company, we offer active management of them. We guarantee your page will always be up to date, attractive and full of relevant and useful news for your target audience.

Facebook pages are updated weekly or on a few days basis (by agreement), but most importantly at times of the day that Facebook users are most active.